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Harley Davidson Bikes on rent in Goa: Rent my bike has started to lend Harley Davidson bikes on rent on very reasonable rates in Goa. Rent my bike is already a very popular Bike rental service in Goa. Goa is an open to all city. Russians, British, Maharashtrians, north Indians, south Indians and people from any corner of world peacefully claims that they are Goans. That is what is special about this city. People from various places come here, stay for a long time and they become a part of Goa for a while. Some foreigners use to come every year, some of them have made it their home. It has become an ideal place for harmony. Some discrete incidents took place though but those could never ever be able to tarnish the image of Goa. And such things can happen on any corner of world. People come to Goa to relax, to get lost in its beautiful beaches. And therefore, rent my bike has come with this initiative to help travelers to explore and wander in Goa in style with the Harley Davidson bikes. With Harley on Rent in Goa you can avail the world’s most popular bike on rent for as much time as you wish and discover Goa

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Harley Davidson Bikes and The Cult


Harley Davidson is a worldwide famous bike brand since the very beginning of 18th century. Initially it was a US based company but with time it has spread its network to all over the world. Brazil, India, US have Harley Davidson manufacturing factories. Plus, the company has got it dealers in almost most of the big cities of world. Harley Davidson inherits a cult of free spirited ride. Bikers in general love freedom, they love to wander around in city with an open heart. Harley Davidson nurtures bikers and inspires them to go on a safe ride and get refreshed. Harley Davidson also has got its own branded jackets. Goa was India’s first city to host India bike week. Most of India bike week events were celebrated in Goa. During the India Bike Week event, the Harley Davidson Bikers travel across the whole country on their Harley Davidson bikes. It’s a kind of pilgrimage for them. But now you don’t have to wait till India Bike week for a pilgrimage. With Harley Davidson on Rent in Goa you can anytime start your short pilgrimage within Goa.

Harley Davidson on Rent in Goa and the City of Goa


There is a common factor between the Harley Davidson and Goa, the free-spirited attitude. Therefore, the Harley Davidson bike and Goa is a made for each other combination. A casual bike ride across Goa can gives you a glimpse of many old Portuguese architectures and establishments. The city still partly reflects Portuguese culture. Apart from that Goa has n number of beautiful beaches. Crowded beaches with various exciting water sport facility, calm beaches with crystal clear tides, beaches with high tides etc. There are many famous bird sanctuaries in Goa. Then there are forts, many historical churches, temples, mosques, markets and many more. A simple ride through Goa’s village roads will amaze you with a lot of beautiful green scenes. Its city areas are full of historical sights. Dial +91 730 333 8800 or download our Harley Davidson rental in Goa app.

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We perform quality check on our bikes on regular intervals to avoid unexpected incidents. We keep records of all of our employees including drivers. Our bikes are available at most economic rate. We value your feedback.

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